Are you a “Moderator or Abstainer”

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I am an abstainer.  For years I struggled with trying to eat just one slice of pizza, one cookie, one piece of cake and then get so frustrated when I would go back for seconds, thirds, ok the entire pie, bag, or cake , I may as well be honest.  It is easier for me to not have a little because I always want more.  As Dr. Stephen Gullo says “If you don’t begin, you don’t have a problem”.

I was thrilled when a few years my mentors Gretchen Rubin published the article below.  It explains why, for many of my clients, the thought of abstaining completely is just as impossible for them as it would be for me to try to have just a little.  These “moderator” clients are only able to be successful when they know they can eat small portions of their favorite foods.

Which category do you fall in?  And why is this important for lasting weight loss?  Since the answer to lasting weight loss is to eat the “right amount of food”, if you overeat you will not meet your weight loss goals.  For an abstainer, it is easier to eat the “right amount of food” when they do not eat the foods that they find impossible to eat just a little of.  For a moderator, it is easy to eat the “right amount of food” only if they do not feel deprived and this means that their meal plan must include their favorite foods.

It’s almost like politics.  My clients that are moderators can’t believe that us abstainers would rather not have a bite of cookie, and us abstainers can’t believe that a few bites could ever be enough.  We may not understand each other, but knowing which category you fall into is truly life changing because it will make sticking to your meal plan much easier.

Go ahead and read Gretchen’s article published back in 2012 here.  And then let us know on Facebook, which are you?  A Moderator or Abstainer?

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