Keeping a food journal could change your life

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Can keeping a food journal change your life?  If you are trying to lose weigh and keep it off, yes it can and yes it will.  Why?  You burn so many calories when you write that the pounds just melt off.  OK.  That’s not why.  Why does this work so well?

It could be the linchpin habit that helps you lose weigh once and for all.

What is a linchpin habit?  A linchpin habit is one thing you do that initiates other habits.  When I used to do diet after diet, what they all had in common was that I needed to write down my meals and snacks in order to stay on track.  I have shared before that I used to yo yo like crazy, going up and down 85 pounds or more.  When I was good and following a meal plan, I would write.  When I was off track, I wouldn’t write.  I finally got sick of trying so many different meal plans looking for the magic food combination that would end my overeating and lead to weight loss.  But I kept doing one thing.  Writing down my meals and snacks.

Why I kept doing this, I’ll never know.  On the days where I was off track, I would be really off.  I needed more than one page in my journal.  I would write down the bags of chips, boxes of cookies, containers of frosting, yes all of it on paper.  It was hard to see, but I always felt better after I did.  Eventually, my binges stopped.  Eventually my overeating stopped.  Eventually I lost all of the weight I wanted to and have kept it off now for over 20 years.  When I look back at what really worked was writing down what I ate.  It led to awareness.  It led to making better food choices.  It led to a completely different relationship with food.

How I did all of this is explained Step by Step, Week by Week in my LOSEitWRITE coaching program.  If you are not yet a member, click here to join.  I can’t wait to have you begin your own journey to weight loss success.  Even if you don’t join, do me a favor.  Start writing down everything you eat.  Every day.  It only takes a few minutes.  And it could be the linchpin habit that changes your life. 

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