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Hi, I’m Laurie, creator of LOSEitWRITE.  Nice to meet you.  Well, it’s nice that you are here learning about me and why I created LOSEitWRITE.  It’s simple.  I spent the first 25 years of my life obsessed with food, hating my body, trying every diet on the market, and getting great at losing then regaining hundreds of pounds.  Seriously.  Lasting weight loss felt impossible.  It was. 

What I was really good at was writing.  I used to want to be a writer, but that’s another blog post.  And my first diet, Weight Watchers at age 8 had me keeping a food journal.  And so did most of the other diets that I tried.  In fact, that’s what every weight loss expert agrees on.  Keeping a food journal is a huge part of your weight loss success.

Why?  Do you burn tons of calories with your fingers?  Does it magically help you like chicken better than cupcakes?  I wish.  What writing did for me and what it will do for you when you commit to doing it for at least 30 days is help you create a completely different relationship with food.  You will become much more aware of how, what, when, where, and why you eat.  You will notice patterns.  You will be able to make changes.  The process is magical.

But….. you have to write it all.  I know, that part sucks.  When I was on track with my eating, I would write.  When I was eating everything in site and then some, I wouldn’t.  It was only when I committed to writing down every thing I ate was I able to make some lasting changes.  It really works.  Make sure you download the sample pages here and give this a try.  

I created the LOSEitWRITE program to help thousands of others accomplish what I finally did, a healthier relationship with food.  Not one where you have to live on lettuce, follow a crazy diet, or make yourself crazy and obsessed with food.  The end result will be weight loss and a healthier life.  I hope I get a chance to work with you.  Go ahead and join my facebook group here and let’s get to know each other.  I can’t wait to meet you!

Bye for now,


P.S.  I’m adding my creds here so for those of you that want them, here’s where you’ll find them! 

worked in the fitness industry since 1994 teaching group exercise classes, training individuals, groups, and companies.

  • Creator of LOSEitWRITE Food Coaching program.
  • Former Co-owner Fitness Factor Aerobics.
  • ACE certified personal trainer since 1994.
  • started in the fitness industry teaching group exercise classes in 1990
  • have trained clients in individual, group, and corporate settings since 1996.
  • began my on-line coaching business in 2016.
  • BA from the University of Michigan.
  • Part of Crunch Fitness exercise videos in the 1990’s  (Gosh, I’m old!)
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