Calories count. Here’s why.

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You’ve got to laugh at this picture I took from a Coca Cola vending machine.  Yes, Coca Cola!  A company that has been accused of contributing to our ginormous obesity problem.  Is ginormous a word?  OK, let’s make it a word.  But, with their new branding, even Coca Cola is advising you to pay attention your Calories.

“But no” you may be thinking. “Calories don’t count.  Every headline I’m reading lately has been telling me to stop paying attention to calories, that we’ve been wrong for years.”

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but calories do count.  As you know, and if you don’t you do now, I obsessively consume all of the latest nutrition and exercise research from the biggest experts in weight loss.  Even when they publish articles claiming  counting calories is useless they admit that eating less calories is important for weight loss.  Their main reasons why calorie counting doesn’t work is that it’s unrealistic and often impossible to figure out the amount of calories in many of the foods we eat.  Examples, eating out, many recipes, and the fact that nutrition labels are permitted to have a margin of error.

And I agree with this.  Counting calories is often very frustrating and every person’s body metabolizes them differently.  But, what everyone seems to agree on is that calories from unprocessed foods are used and stored differently in your body than high sugar highly processed foods.  And even if it isn’t a perfect science, it still is important to pay attention to them when you are trying to lose weight.  Wait!  If you don’t know what a calorie is, my bad.  The google definition is this  “A calorie is a unit of energy that is used to measure the amount of energy stored in food.”  Confession time, that wasn’t the exact scientific definition.  That was one intended for kids.  But the scientific version makes no sense to me so kid version it is.  So while calories tell some of the weight loss story, it doesn’t give you the entire picture.

I love the following article from the brilliant Dr. Yoni Freedoff.  Dr. Yoni Freedoff is one of the premier weight loss specialists in the world and has dedicated his professional career to the treatment and management of overweight and obesity.  Click here to get the facts on why you should pay attention to calories along with their source.  They count!  Just don’t make them all Twinkies unless you are doing it for publicity and research’s sake.  Oh, and if you want to read the Twinkies study, click here.

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