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I am an avid reader, especially on the topic of health and wellness. Yesterday I came across an article that made me mad.  Really mad.  The article “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” from the Huffington post claims that diets don’t work and that 97 percent of people who diet gain back all of their weight and more. It also exposed how many doctors and society in general is horrible to overweight people.

I agree that many doctors are not equipped to help their clients lose weight and keep it off long term.  And I too have heard horror stories from my clients about the way they have been treated.   I agree that things need to drastically change about the way obesity is viewed and treated.

What frustrates me about the article, and I will put a link at the bottom of this post(rant) is in its hopeless tone. I have lost and maintained 85 pounds for over 25 years. More than 50 percent of the hundreds of people I have worked with have lost substantial amounts of weight and kept it off.  Weight loss is achievable as long as the program is realistic. I repeat, weight loss is achievable as long as you are realistic about how to do it.  Yes, there are many people who have a much harder time with it, and are completely frustrated by their efforts.  And as this article says, making too drastic eating changes that you can’t live with will backfire.  But YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT.  YOU CAN GET HEALTHIER.  I have helped hundreds of people accomplish their weight loss goals.  And I know you can too.  You have to believe it.  I believe in you.  I feel articles like this will prevent people from trying.  Don’t let this stop you from achieving a healthier life.  It’s worth it.

Here is the link to the article:  Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong, Huffington Post

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