Want to lose more weight? Get accountable.

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How on earth does staying accountable help you lose more weight?  It’s simple.  Even with the best of intentions, changing our eating habits is hard.  Many of you know that I used to yo-yo 85 pounds.  When I was accountable to someone else, I would be lose weight.  When I was left to my own devices, the pounds quickly came back on.  The first Step of the LOSEitWRITE program is to stay accountable.  That’s how important it is.  Every member of the one year coaching program is accountable to me, our LOSEitWRITE group, and one accountability partner.

The experts in habit change all encourage people to become accountable when trying to create a new habit or break an old one.  Gretchen Rubin, James Clear, Judson Brewer, Dan Harris, Charles Duhigg, and  Brooke Castillo are some of the behavior change experts who have taught how important it is to stay accountable to reach my goals.  No, I don’t work with them one-on-one.  I am part of their Facebook groups, use their apps, and listen to their podcasts.  I am able to do this with the support of my accountability coach Janet.  She makes sure I am staying on track by cheering me on when I am doing what I say I am going to do, and encouraging me when I’m not.  This is also what I do for all of my LOSEitWRITE members.

Today I want you to think about WHO you can ask to become your accountability partner to help you reach your weight loss goals.  It has worked for thousands of my LOSEitWRITE members.  It has worked for me.  And I promise, it will work for you.

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