A Message From Creator Laurie Jerris

My name is Laurie Jerris. I’ve been a personal trainer for over twenty years, and I created the LOSEitWRITE in 2006 for my clients.  It became immediately clear that these simple, easy-to-use journals were a powerful tool that helped my clients achieve healthier eating habits and a lower weight. What began with only one hundred journals quickly grew to thousands.  Over the last 10 years LOSEitWRITE has helped over 100,000 people live healthier lives. 

The LOSEitWRITE Journal is the core of a weight loss program that actually works.  This is not a “diet”, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all plan sold by some big, faceless corporation. This is a holistic approach to lifestyle change which I have seen significantly improve people’s lives—real people, people I know and have worked with personally.

Like you, they had doubts: Does it work?  Can I stick with it?  Will this make my life miserable?  I’ve heard these questions before, and believe me when I say: 


I have spent years perfecting my LOSEitWRITE membership program, and am thrilled to be offering it to anyone who is ready to achieve their weight loss and health goals.  Yes, anyone.  I am thrilled to be offering at it at a price that is thousand of dollars less than what I charge my one and one coaching clients!  So, go ahead and partner up with me.  You have nothing to lose except unwanted eating habits.  Want to learn more about me?  Click here.

The LOSEitWRITE program includes:

  • the latest version of the one-month limited edition LOSEitWRITE journal
  • one year’s membership to the LOSEitWRITE program
  • two different membership options
  • lifetime access to our private, member’s only LOSEitWRITE Facebook groups
  • and much, much more!

What our clients say...

  • I got my first LOSEitWRITE journal through the Medical Weight Loss Clinic. and using that with my program helped me lose over 50 pounds.  It really works

    Maria Freeman
  • Using LOSEitWRITE keeps me focused and able to hit my weight loss goals.  I am a busy mother of three and full time lawyer.  The accountability and structure of the program keeps me focused on what I need to do to stay healthy and fit.

    Karen Merkle General Motors
  • I recommend LOSEitWRITE to all of my patients who are want to lose weight.  I myself work with Laurie and have used the LOSEitWRITE program for years.  It really works.

    Dr. Shiri Gordinier
  • Using LOSEitWRITE and changing my eating patterns has helped me lose and keep off over twenty pounds over the last five years.  I’ve never looked or felt better.  Best of all, I still eat what I like.

    Donna Citrin
  • I have worked with Laurie for over five years.  Her training program and eating strategies have helped me stay in great shape.

    Dave Wathens Trimas corporation
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