Welcome to the LoseitWrite Program. Below are LOSEitWRITE’s 10 Steps. As a member, every time you log in, you will begin here. Members will have a access to all the pages below.

The LoseitWrite Program Steps

Step 1- Stay Accountable: this step teaches you how to stick to your plan.

Step 2- Set Realistic Goals: too often people chose diets that are unrealistic and are a set-up for failure.

Step 3- Write Every Bite: the core of the plan, writing makes it real. Writing teaches you to be mindful of what you eat.

Step 4- Pick A Plan: here is where you can chose an eating plan tailored for your success.

Step 5- Plan In Advance: planning is everything, and we will walk you through it.

Step 6- Eat Mindfully, With Fewer Distractions: most people don’t think about their eating, and lose out on the enjoyment of a meal, while also over-eating. We will teach you how to eat healthier and enjoy it more.

Step 7- Learn the LOSEitWRITE Hunger Scale: this tool will help you understand how much is “enough.”

Step 8- Identify Your Triggers: most people have triggers to over-eating. We will help you find these.

Step 9- Conquer Your Triggers: once you know your triggers to over-eating, we’ll help you control them.

Step 10- Get Moving: people who don’t move don’t stay healthy. As a personal trainer, I can help you keep your body moving.

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